11 Best Chew Toys For Teething Puppies: Gum-Soothing Goodies!

11 Best Chew Toys For Teething Puppies: Gum-Soothing Goodies!

These eleven chew toys are the perfect solution if you’re looking for something to make your teething puppy feel better!

Whether you want a chew toy that will help with your dog’s teeth or feet, is easy to wash and reuse, or has a squeaker that won’t set off your pup’s sensitive hearing, these are the stars of the show.

What are the best chew toys for teething puppies?

When your puppy starts teething, it will develop strong teeth and gums. This is a normal phase for puppies, and it is something you should expect. However, it can be challenging for them to control their chewing behavior. This is where the best chew toys for teething puppies come in.

Some of the best chew toys for teething puppies are made of rubber or silicone. These materials are soft enough not to damage the teeth and gums but also tough enough to keep your pup entertained for a long time. Some other good chew toys for teething puppies include rubber balls, Kongs, and Nylabones.

Providing your puppy with plenty of chew toys to explore their oral skills and reduce their anxiety is essential. Doing this will help them develop good dental hygiene habits and avoid future dental problems.

Buying tips

When shopping for chew toys for your teething puppy, remember a few things:

  1. Make sure that the toy is safe for your pup.
  2. Choose a toy that is comfortable for him to play with and easy to clean.
  3. Find something that will provide gum relief for your pup!

Here are some tips on buying the best chew toys for teething puppies:

1. Choose a safe toy. All toys should be tested for safety before they are sold, but some of the safest options include rubber balls, Kongs, and Nylabones. If your pup gets into these items and breaks them, she won’t be able to swallow the pieces, which can be dangerous.

2. Choose a toy that is comfortable for your pup. Many teething puppies love to chew on hard items, but be sure to choose something he can handle without hurting his gums. Some good choices include frozen vegetables, plush toys, and durable balls made of rubber or plastic.

3. Find something that will provide gum relief! Not every pup enjoys chewing on complex objects, so find a chew toy that provides some relief without having to give up.

Tips for Use

When your teething puppy is starting to pressure those gums, you know it’s time for some soothing chewy goodness! Here are some tips for choosing the best chew toys for teething puppies:

-Start with something small. If your pup is still teething but not yet chewing on anything complicated, start with something small that he can quickly put into his mouth. This will help to train him to chew on softer materials.

-Choose something that smells good. Many puppies love the smell of rubber or plastic, so make sure to choose toys with these ingredients. Not only will this help to soothe their gums, but it may also encourage them to chew more often.

-Think about what your pup likes. If you’re unsure which toy your pup will enjoy, try putting a few different types in front of him and letting him choose what he wants to gnaw on. This way, you’re sure to get him something he’ll love!

The Top 04 Best Chew Toys For Teething Puppies

If you’re a pet parent, teething can be challenging. But thanks to some fantastic chew toys, your pup can quickly get through the teething stages!

Here are the top 04 chew toys for teething puppies:

1. The Nylabone Dura Chew Toy is a durable toy made from nylon and rubber. It’s great for puppies who love to chew on complex objects.

2. The KONG Classic Teether is another popular choice for teething puppies. It’s made from natural rubber, so it’s safe and gentle for pups’ gums. Plus, it’s also machine-washable and has a small hole in the center for easy stuffing.

3. The Lamb & Rice Teether is a soft, chewy toy made from 100% natural lamb intestines. It’s perfect for gentle chewers who don’t like hard toys.

4. The Bully Stick is a classic wooden chew toy perfect for teething puppies. It’s durable and non-toxic, so your pup can play without worrying about harmful chemicals or additives.


As teething puppies undergo many changes in their mouths, they need plenty of goodies to soothe them. In this article, we’ll introduce you to eleven of the best chew toys for teething puppies and highlight the unique features that make them excellent choices for chewing on.

From Gloworms to Milk Teethies, these toys offer your pup all the comfort they need while helping to reduce inflammation and tooth decay. So why wait? Give one or more of these chew toys a try today!

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