5 Cool Pit Bull Clothes For Women

Whether you want to emphasize your pit bull style or simply tell the world that your pit bull is an important member of the family, women pit bull clothing is the way to do both. You can tell everyone just how important your dog is to you and also how important this dog breed is as a whole.

Of course, pit bull clothing for women also makes a terrific gift for that special person in your life. It can be bought for your mother, girlfriend, wife, sister or just about any other woman who loves this particular breed of dog.

Cool Pitbull Clothing For Women

Pit Bull Gear Women’s Pit Bull Mom Hoodie

Crafted from a cotton/polyester blend that can be easily machine washed, this pit bull hoodie is the perfect gift for you or that special pit bull lover in your life. Proudly emblazoned with the phrase “Pit Bull Mom” and hears, this soft hoodie will let the world know exactly how the wearer feels about their canine member of the family. It has a double-lined hood with drawstring and is super soft and comfortable. It’s a hoodie that is designed to keep the wearer warm in a number of different weather conditions – even when taking your dog out for an early morning autumn walk.

Interstate Apparel Black Tank Top With Neon Pitbull Design

Available in a variety of sizes from small to extra-large and made of 100% cotton, this black tank top was designed to appeal to women who consider themselves to be pit bull enthusiasts. It is machine washable, has a nice style to it and has a neon design of a pit-bull on the front of it. It’s designed to be worn during warmer weather or to be used as a nightshirt to wear while sleeping on those warm summer nights. It also makes a good gift for any woman who owns a pit-bull and wants to put her pit-bull pride on full display.

Pit Bull Gear Women’s “Misunderstood” Tank Top

This tank top is made from a cotton/polyester and spandex blend that makes it not only breathable and comfortable but also allows it to be machine washed. This form-fitting tank has a design on its front that features a smiling pit bull with the word “Misunderstood” above it. This makes it the perfect way for you to let the world know that this breed of dog isn’t the aggressive animal the media makes it out to be but is instead a loving and trusted member of the family. And since it comes in a variety of sizes – from small to xx-large – which makes it perfect for the average woman to buy for herself or to give as a gift.

Interstate Apparel American Flag Pit Bull Puppy T-Shirt

This white T-shirt is made from 100% polyester and is designed for the American pit bull lover who also considers themselves to be a patriot. On the front of this cute T-shirt is the design of a pit bull puppy that’s colored in with the colors of the U.S flag – broad red and white stripes and white stars on a field of blue.  This makes it a great item of clothing to wear during the summer months, particularly on the Fourth of July, and also makes it a great gift for that special and patriotic pit bull woman in your life.

Pit Bull Gear Locking Hearts Women’s Pit Bull Tank

This form-fitting and comfortable tank top is easily machine-washed and is made from a blend of cotton, polyester, and spandex. They’re made in a number of different sizes, from small to xx-large, and are designed to be not only breathable but also pretty soft. On the front of this tank is a design featuring a pit bull with the words “We Have Locking Hearts” above it and the words “Not Jaws” below it. This makes it the right shirt to tell the world that this canine breed is not a dangerous animal but is instead a loving animal that’s an integral part of the family.


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