5 Cool Pitbull Bags

Whether you want a tote bag to hold all of your dog’s toys, an over the shoulder bag to hold all of his treats or a pit bull handbag to hold all of your stuff, then there are most certainly pit bull bags that will fit your needs and exclaim to the world that you’re a proud pit bull parent.

In the past, there weren’t a whole lot of bags designed with this particular breed of dog but that’s beginning to change as the popularity of pits are beginning to rise. All that’s left to do is to find a bag that you like and carries all of the things that you need it to carry.

Cool Pit Bull Bags

Pet Studio Art “Don’t Judge My Pit Bull” Tote Bag

Declaring a sentiment that many pit enthusiasts can fully understand, this 100% cotton tote bag measure 14-inches by 15-inches and contains a design of a smiling pit bull with a simple saying on it: “Don’t Judge My Pit Bull & I Won’t Judge Your Children.” This bag is great for not only carrying your dog’s snacks and treats but also for carrying some of their favorite toys as well. Purchase this bag for yourself or buy several of them to give away as gifts to some of your favorite pit bull enthusiasts. After all, they’re sure to make a welcome gift to anyone who loves this breed of dog.

Interstate Apparel Woman’s Shoulder Bag With Neon Pit Bull

Great for use as an overnight bag or even a beach bag, these black shoulder bags have an 18-inch strap, is approximately 15-inches long and 17-inches wide. On the side of it is a neon design of a smiling pit bull that is sure to be appreciated by any fan of this dog breed.

This bag is the perfect gift to buy yourself or to buy that special pit bull enthusiast in your life. It’s durable, machine washable and can hold an assortment of items. It’s also a bag that is simple and not overly adorned yet still proclaims your love of pit bulls to the world.

Pet Studio Art Tote Bag With Pit Bull Design

Manufactured using 100% cotton, so you know it’s Eco-friendly, and hand printed with the picture of a rescued pit bull mix named Buttercup, this handy-dandy tote bag is a great bag to add to your collection or to give to a friend as a gift. It measures 14-inches by 15-inches, which is big enough to hold a variety of items from your car keys to your dog’s toys and treats. And since it’s made out of cotton, when it gets dirty all you have to do is wash it in cold water and hang it to dry. This makes it not only good enough for day-to-day use but also easy-to-use.

Angelinana Custom Women’s Handbag of Pit Bull Design

This woman’s shoulder bag features double handles and a removable should strap that allows it to be used on a day-to-day basis. It’s also designed from high-quality PU leather and has a large capacity lined interior that can hold a variety of different objects – everything from your own personal items to maybe even a dog bone or two.

While this is a useful handbag, the great thing about it is that it has Dean Russo’s “Beware of Pit Bulls Because They Will Steal Your Heart” design that lets the world know you are serious about your favorite member of the family.

Tote Tails Pit Bull Design Tote Bag

Featuring a design of blue nose pit bull on its side, this 16.5-inch by 15.5-inch cotton twill tote bag with a sturdy 21-inch strap that will fit quite a few of your own personal items as well as the personal items of your dog. This bag is perfect for everyday use or for use as an Eco-friendly shopping bag. It’s easy to clean and has a carrying capacity of at least thirty-five pounds, so you know it will hold quite a few things. This bag can also be given to your favorite pit bull owner as a birthday, Christmas or simply for Pit Bull Awareness Day.


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