6 Cool Pit Bull Clothes for Men

Nowadays there are a number of different pit bull clothing for men which allows them to show their breed specific pride in these animals or tell the world that a pit bull is an important friend and member of the family. There are hoodies, shirts and just about anything else you can think of that will express these sentiments.

Of course, men are not the only ones looking for men’s pit bull clothing. There are also women who want to buy them for their brothers, their husbands, their boyfriends or even their co-workers. Fortunately, there are lines of clothing that will fit just about any man’s style.

Cool Pitbull Clothing for Men

The Mountain Beware of the Pit Bulls T-Shirt

This t-shirt is made from 100% preshrunk cotton that makes it comfortable and easy-to-maintain because it’s machine washable. On the front of it is a beautiful design that features a multicolored smiling pit bull with the phrase: “Beware of Pit Bulls Because They Will Steal Your Heart” around it. This shirt will show the world that you’re committed to this breed and that they are lovable canines and not the mean dogs that many people make them out to be. And since it comes in sizes which range from small to 5x-large it’s sure to fit just about any man.

Pit Bull No Trespassing Graphic T-Shirt

This 100% cotton shirt has a design that not only looks cool but also shows the pit bull in all of its impressive glory. This dark colored t-shirt features the design of a pit bull guarding a chain-link fence with a no trespassing sign and barbed wire on top. This shirt is also very comfortable to wear and breathes well, too. It’s a great way to show that this animal breed is one of the best guard dogs available. This t-shirt is perfect for the man who wants to drive this point home or to give pit bull enthusiast in your life.

Pit Bull Gear “Ban Stupid People Not Dogs” Men’s Pit Bull T-Shirt

Designed with a sentiment that pit bull owners around the world can agree with, this men’s pit bull t-shirt is made from a cotton/polyester blend and has the sentence: “Ban Stupid People Not Dogs” “Fight Breed Specific Bans” on the back, and on the front has a design of a pit bull resting its head on the t-shirts designers name:”Pitbull Gear. Com”. This t-shirt is not only breathable and comfortable to wear but is also machine washable. It’s the perfect t-shirt for men who really love their pit bulls or for the women in their lives who love their men.

Pit Bull Gear “Don’t Judge My Breed!” Adult Men’s Hoodie

This black hoodie is made from a 90% cotton and 10% polyester blend that’s machine-washable, has a relaxed waistband and a spandex pouch pocket. On the front, it’s printed with the design of a pit bull with the phrase “Judging Me Doesn’t Define Who I Am…It Defines Who You Are” and on the back, it’s printed with “Don’t Judge Me!” and “Pitbullgear.com”. This hoodie is designed for the male who considers themselves to be a big fan of this canine breed but can also be given as a gift. Either way, it’s sure to provide years of protection from the elements.

Pit Bull Gear American Pit Bull Men’s T-Shirt and Can Holder

Made of 100% cotton that’s been preshrunk, this t-shirt is not only breathable, comfortable and machine washable but it also has a fascinating design on that front of it that’s sure to appeal to any American pit bull lover. This design features the head of a pit bull that’s colored in the shades of the American flag – broad white and red stripes and white starts laid on top a field of blue. Above it is the phrase “American Pit Bull.” This shirt can be bought by the patriotic male pit bull owner or can be given to one as a gift.

Pit Bull Gear “Misunderstood” Men’s Pit Bull Hoodie

Available in a variety of men’s sizes from small to xxx-large and made of a cotton/polyester blend, this machine washable hoodie has a design that sums up the sentiments of pit bull lovers everywhere. On its back, it features the design of a pit bull with a banner saying “Misunderstood” beneath it. On the front is the Pit Bull Gear Logo over the left portion of the hoodie. This hoodie not only tells the world that you love your pit bull but also lets the world know that this breed of dog is often as misunderstood as its owners are sometimes.


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