Top 10 Best Pit Bull Toys in 2020

When it comes to the American Pit Bull Terrier and toys things can get expensive. They chew through most toys like paper and end up shredding the most expensive chew toys that were supposed to last forever. There’s no better place to get toy advice than from Pit Bull Lovers.  We deal with a great number of people and have been asked hundreds of times what toys make for good, safe, inexpensive toys for their APBT.

Here’s a list of toys we’ve found to be virtually Pit Bull proof (there’s always exceptions to this though). Below the toy list you will find a list of chews and treats our dogs love.

Best Pit Bull Toys

Goughnuts Indestructible Chew Toy Maxx

Pitbulls are known for being tough on their chew toys, chewing through even the seemingly most durable pitbull toys in no time flat. That won’t be the case with this model, however. It’s designed to hold up to even the most aggressive chewing and is a model that’s currently being used by Police K9 units the world over. This toy is guaranteed for life and features two layers of chewing surface. If the pit bull does manage to chew through this toy, however, it has a red indicator that tells the dog owner that the toy has been chewed to an unsafe level and needs to be immediately replaced. This makes this toy not only durable but extremely safe as well.

Goughnuts Original Dog Chew Ring

They say that sometimes the original design of a product is the best design and this dog chew ring wants to prove that fact. It was the original GoughNuts design that was implemented for dog owners who needed a more durable toy for their big dogs to chew on. It’s specifically designed for larger dogs with aggressive chewing habits and is made from natural black rubber. And since the pitbull will chew on this durable ring at a different point each time they pick it up, this ring is sure to last for months—if not for many years.

Goughnuts Interactive Chew Ball for Dogs

Guaranteed by to be almost indestructible, GoughNuts will replace any chew ball that’s been completely chewed by a dog. If a dog chews through the outer layer to expose the red inner layer, then the product will be replaced with the owner only needing to pay for shipping and handling of the new product. That’s how confident they are in the design and the materials of this product. It’s 3-inches in diameter and has been designed by engineers proficient in mechanical and polymer technologies. While it’s sold to be an interactive toy and not necessarily a chew toy, it will still hold up to the most aggressive chewing behavior.

West Paw Tough Small Hucky

Designed with a material called Zogoflex, a material that’s phalate, rubber and latex free, these pit bull toys are made to be not only durable but also a safe chewing device for dogs. This toy isn’t just made for chewing, though. It’s also manufactured to be a dog play toy. This unique-shaped ball can be thrown and will bounce when it hits the ground, thereby giving the pit bull something to chase after. And if it just so happens to roll or bounce into a body of water such as a lake or pond, it’s designed to also float. This makes it seem like a toy that’s a cross between a tennis ball and a chew toy.

West Paw Tux Dog Toy

The West Paw Tux is a device that is actually a combination of a number of different pitbull toys, all in one. Not only is it a durable chew toy but it can also be stuffed with food to keep a dog busy for hours. When it’s not being used in that manner, it can then be tossed just like a tennis ball. In fact, it bounces really well and if it falls into water, it will also float as well. This pliable and non-toxic toy will provide tons of chewing fun for a dog and can be easily tossed into a dishwasher and cleaned.

West Paw Zisc Dog Toy

Is it a flying disc or a chew toy? Well, in fact, it’s a combination of both of these toys. The Zisc can be thrown through the air, allowing a pit bull to fulfill their chase instincts and is made from a very pliable material that’s easy for him or her to pick up off of the ground. It also provides a whole lot of chewing pleasure to the dog and is designed to be nontoxic and completely safe. This American made dog toy comes in one of three exciting colors and is completely recyclable once it has been chewed up. If it ever gets chewed up.

Unbreakoball 6-Inch Dog Ball

This 6-inch orange ball is designed to stand up to even the most aggressive chewing and play and still emerge on top. It has strategically placed holes in it that keep’s the dog’s interest in it but is made from a nearly indestructible material that’s tough to destroy by even the most aggressive chewers. And since it’s ball-shaped, it can also be used as a traditional ball and used to play fetch. For many pet owners, this light plastic ball has provided years of play and chewing enjoyment for their pit bulls and is sure to do the same for future pit bull owners.

Bionic Bone Durable Toy Chew

This chew bone is designed to fit the curvature of a dog’s mouth and makes the dog feel like they are chewing through the toy, even though they aren’t. It’s made of a durable and proprietary rubber material that’s safe for dogs to use and floats easily in water. This bone has a weighted end that creates a nice, tight spiral motion when it’s thrown and has an open center so treats can be stuffed into it. And when the dog is done chewing and playing with it, this toy can be easily thrown into the dishwasher for a quick clean, so it can be used for another day.

Petsport Survivor 6-Inch Tire Trax

Designed for dogs 40-pounds and larger, this chew toy is sure to be a favorite toy for many larger dogs. It’s made out of all natural rubber that’s non-toxic and tough and is shaped like a tire, so it has many nooks and crannies that a dog can really sink their teeth into. This toy is also flavored with natural mint oil, so it’s pleasant for the dog to chew and should provide a great deal of chewing fun. This puncture-resistant toy is good exercise for a dog’s jaws and also helps to keep their teeth clean.

Hueter Toledo Hard Ball For Dogs

Pit bull toys come in a number of different shapes, from bones to disks, but the ball is one of the most popular, especially when the said ball is made out of a thick polyethylene plastic that’s designed to be almost indestructible. While this hard plastic ball isn’t designed to bounce, it is designed to take the punishing bites of large dogs. These balls are available in a variety of sizes—from 4.5-inches to 14-inches—so there’s one for just about any size pit bull. And they will also provide dogs with hours of fun as the dogs chew, chase and bat these balls around the home.


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Pitbull Toys Guide

Although they can be great family dogs and many of them might seem soft and gentle, when it comes to toys, a pitbull requires something a little sturdier. Some might say pitbull toys need to be indestructible, otherwise, they won’t last long. Their strong jaws and playful nature means their needs are different from a lot of breeds.

To find something that is going to last longer than a few minutes, you need to know what makes a good pitbull toy. The following is your guide on how to make a sensible purchase, your beloved pitbull will thank you for it.

What To Look For In A Pitbull Toy

  • Sturdiness – This is all down to the design and materials, get this right and your pitbull can get a lot of hours of play out of it. Get it wrong and it might as well be made from dog biscuits. The better products will be made from natural rubber so it is not harmful to your pitbull and sturdy enough to last a while. As long as there is nothing toxic in there, and it is well built. the pitbull toy should be fine.
  • Fun – A pitbull needs mental stimulation, otherwise, they could become destructive. The last thing you want is to come home to half a sofa or a kitchen table with a leg missing. This is why you will find a wide variety of toys for Pitbulls. Some you can share in the fun and play tug of war, whilst others are better for problem-solving as you can hide a treat in them. Others just make a noise or are sturdy enough to withstand a fair bit of chewing.
  • Easy To Clean – This is important with any pitbull toy that you put food in or around. To keep things hygienic and stop your home from an infestation, the product needs to be easy to clean. Some are dishwasher safe whilst others have a smooth surface that is easy to wipe. Even pitbull toys that are kept outside will need to be brought in for a clean once in a while.
  • Value – Whilst it might make you laugh when your pitbull makes light work of a rubber chicken or sqeuaky toy, it isn’t going to be money well spent. Some of the more reputable brands might cost a bit more initially but when you aren’t having to replace the toy every few days, the benefit is in the savings.
  • Multiple Textures – Any pitbull toy that has ridges and different textures will feel good on their gums, and offers other benefits, The ridges clean teeth and are great for oral health, even helping to freshen breath as they chew.
  • Flavor – Some chewable toys for Pitbulls can be purchased in different flavors. These vary from the likes of peanut butter, bacon, chicken, and beyond. It can be an inviting feature that encourages them to chew the toy and keep them occupied for a long time.

What Should A Pitbull Not Have To Play With?

Anything that has small parts that can cause choking is something you must avoid. Some products have loose bits such as plastic eyes that can easily be chewed and anything that will break into smaller pieces is best avoided.

Toys that are too small and designed for smaller dogs can also prove hazardous as will anything with sharp ends.

How To Ensure A Pitbull Enjoys Their Toys

A lot of dogs show some excitement when you first toss them a new toy, only to seem bored of it the next day. The best way you can extend the fun is to take away the toy and give them a different one. By keeping a handful of toys for Pitbulls aside, you can rotate them and ensure the fun lasts.

Why Are Pitbulls Powerful Chewers?

You might be asking this because they have chewed through toys within seconds but it has nothing to do with aggression as some people might try and make out.

A lot of Pitbulls have large heads which in turn results in a wider jaw. This allows them to generate more power when chewing which is why you need to buy durable toys.


Like any other dog, Pitbulls are great fun but need their own stimulation at times. It is always a good idea to have different options when it comes to pitbull toys so a mix of puzzles and stimulating toys, as well as something you can have fun with together.

Remember to always supervise children around any dog as some pooches can be protective of their toys.

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